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Gilmore Girls 
17th-Nov-2016 06:42 pm
I don't know why it took me so long to watch Gilmore Girls. I remember buying a box set in Quiapo when I was in high school. I asked the vendor if it covered Season 1 to 7 and of course to make the sale he just muttered a quick yes. Upon getting home, I was playing fast forward S7 and I had no clue what was going on, so all intentions of watching the series has been forgotten. I didn't know much about it save for Alexis Bledel's captivating blue eyes and the sheer amount of romance that could be expected. 4 days ago, I rediscovered it again (thanks to my friend's Netflix account and idle time while working on some collages for Din Tai Fung's new Fort branch).

I love it? I am in love with the mother-daughter story arc, am captivated by the unreal-ness of Rory Gilmore and how goody goody studious she is, am captivated by Lorelai as a mom who is scatter-brained and silly and sarcastic but always well-meaning and full of love. I love how Chad Michael Murray is here. I envy Rory's built in charm and beauty that stands out from a mile away. I am envious of the buddy buddy relationship that seems to only exist between mothers who get pregnant early with a daughter.

I'm on my last episode of Season 1 and here are my thoughts so far:

1) Dean is boring (but good looking, fine). And there is no way Rory (and Dean) is reading all of those classics like a speed reader in between her highly competitive Chilton education

2) Despite his bad boy image, I am rooting for Tristan and Rory just because I am a predictable lady who likes a good "bad boy". Also because he is Chad Michael Murray and we go way back (read One Tree Hill)

3) I don't like the guys in Lorelai's life. Luke is rugged, Max is too professor-y, and they really aren't both attractive to me. Spare the beautiful Lorelai. Nobody's good enough for you (so far).

4) Stars Hollow (the name) as a town sounds so dreamy but super fictional

5) I like the Chlilton uniform and I wish private schools here in the PH adopted the same preppy vibe with the ties and the plaid skirts and the vests and the socks and the loafers. Instead we're stuck with horrendous uniforms and prescribed ankle sock lengths and plastic belt buckles

6) Rory needs to chill out

7) I am not finding Lane endearing and I hate how their family is being portrayed as the typical Asian. Her mom is always grouchy and all about the money. She is Korean in the series but I suspect teh actress that plays her Mom is JAPANESE. How could they?

8) I hate MAX MEDINA aka current boyfriend of Lorelai. Even if he's an English professor and reads a lot of books, does not mean YOU'RE GOOD ENOUGH.

9) Jared Padalecki kisses in this most intense way that it almost offends me. It makes me incredibly uncomfortable watching him and Rory.

10) PARIS is BONNIE WINTERBOTTOM OF HOW TO GET AWAY WITH MURDER. When she first appeared in Ep 2, I was racking my brains to find out where I'd seen her first because THAT LONG ASS FACE is unmistakable. It wasn't until I talked to my friend (a guy who has watched the entirety of Gilmore Girls) that he told me where she was from and it CLICKED. I can't believe I wasn't able to tell the first time. Her face bothers me. She looks like a surf board. Idk if I'm just being mean or I just really have the natural talent of matching people up with their counterpart objects.

You're welcome.
26th-Nov-2016 02:25 am (UTC)
STILL ANGRY ABOUT ROSS/RACHEL AFTER ALL THESE YEARS. The relationship did have 45641613213 problems, but the finale was just insulting. Why couldn't Ross go to Paris? Or mag-LDR nalang sila, it's not like they couldn't afford to visit each other. The older I am when I rewatch Friends reruns, the angrier I get at Ross for existing in a romantic capacity.

I still think that, if they had to have another insider pairing, Joey/Rachel would have made more sense. I wish they'd given new relationships a chance instead of hanging on to the same old Ross/Rachel narrative which Rachel should have aged out of. But as usual the guy with all the same old entitlements gets what he wants, while Rachel doesn't. >:((((

Huhuhu cute nga ni Mike. Wish he got folded into the group more instead of remaining an outsider! And yes, sayang si Phoebe, no development. But at least she gets a consolation prize? Rachel is the most developed character in the entire series (alongside Chandler), but she forfeits her prize because she is Ross's prize.

I fully support a Friends-centric entry. Ang daming pwedeng pag-usapan, especially now that we're looking at it from a different place.

How are you watching Gilmore Girls? If torrent, pa-file-share huhu. Now that we don't have summer vacations no one really has the time to marathon multiple-season TV shows (grabe yung 1 hr / episode) anymore, but I want to have the option. :))
29th-Nov-2016 12:21 pm (UTC)
HAVING THE OPTION IS ALWAYS GOOD! HAHA I watch on Netflix! I use my friend's account coz I'm too cheap to pay for my own subscription, and my net sucks anyway! I WILL MAKE A FRIENDS ENTRY. I've said so many things over chat right when I finished the episode. I'll work on it and tag you!
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